Sonic 3 complete rom hack

sonic 3 complete rom hack

Sonic text is no longer backwards when the Tornado flies left during the ending.
Knuckles now fights EggRobo in Flying Battery.From the emergence of, cyan Helkaraxe 's, sonic 1 Beta Hoax in 1999, the production of hacks has been a vital part of the.The primary inspiration for the project's creation was the idea that Sonic 3 's presentation got a lot of things right that Sonic Knuckles changed for the worse.Added a HUD element to the Slot Machine bonus stage to show progress towards a continue.Revert to the original method of gaining continues from the slot machine bonus stage Remove the extra continue counter HUD from the slot machine bonus stage Rename Mushroom Valley back to Mushroom Hill Revert to the old daytime-ish Icecap intro colour scheme Require 50 rings.Choose between the various soundtrack options for individual tracks, including Sonic Knuckles Collection and game symbian s60v2 sis terbaru Nakamura themes, or configure the game to use different soundtracks in each mode.If you think the shield moves make life too easy, or you want a peelout move and unlocked roll jump in Sonic CD -style, these options provide an alternate experience.The falling animation is used after the Mushroom Valley/Hill Knuckles cutscene instead of the walking animation.Debug: Going into debug when dead now restarts object processing.Knuckles has improved and more consistent underwater colours.Many of the music changes designed to make the game more Sonic 3 -like can be altered.Play through the "Easy" and "Normal" versions of the game introduced in Sonic Jam.Bugfixes Knuckles appears in the same colours throughout the game, both in cutscenes and as a playable character.For those who aren't so set on Sonic 3 being the better half, it is possible to revert most of these changes using menu options or patches, and even to apply different musical configurations when playing the separate Sonic 3 and Sonic Knuckles halves.E4 returns to normal speed, as does starting another track.
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Last Release : August 10th, 2013, status : Active, system : Sega Mega Drive.