Startup repair windows xp without cd

startup repair windows xp without cd

F2 and F12 were pressed, your computer tries to boot Windows but freezes.
XP, type the command : bootcfg / rebuild.
Hold down or tap "F8" repeatedly to display Windows Advanced Options.
Even after newer version of Windows such as Windows Vista, Windows 7 and upcoming Windows 8, there are still plenty of users that are using Windows XP on their computers.Press enter when you see a message to setup Windows XP now, and then press enter displayed on a Welcome to Setup screen.Step 4: Do not be surprised if the display is highly degraded, this is perfectly normal because gas turbine world handbook 2012 the video driver was not loaded to avoid conflicts.Then, answer questions : Add installation to boot list?When the message Press any key to boot from the CD appears, do nothing and wait a few seconds (usually around 20 seconds) Step 7: Windows XP startup screen is displayed, then it is followed by the graphical installation program that makes reinstalling Windows.Click "OK." Windows XP SP3 will search your computer for and replace any corrupt or missing system files.After a minute or two it will make a beep noise.Do not choose an option to press R to use a Recovery Console.F8 on your keyboard right after the beep sound.I recommend picking a date before you removed that jukebox software.Step, click "Start." Click "Run." Type "SFC /scannow" into the dialog box.Type the following command to repair the file system and attempt recovery of bad sectors : chkdsk /r Note : This process can be lengthy.If you have few extra tips that some of our Windows XP readers may use regarding this kind of errors leave your suggestions in comment section below.Select the installation you want to repair, indicating the corresponding number and then enter the password for the Administrator account.(Yes/No/All) : Y (the Y letter in uppercase enter Load Identifier : Microsoft Windows XP Professional or, microsoft Windows.Select the language of your choice thanks to the directional keys and confirm your choice by pressing the "enter" key.The list of Windows installations detected are displayed.Return To A Stable Configuration, if your computer is unbootable, you can restore the registry information and driver settings that were in effect the last time the computer was started successfully.Note : If the password is blank, just press enter.Major computer manufacturers no longer include the Windows CD with the system, but some copy the setup files to the hard drive.Use Safe Mode, if Windows still does not start, you can try safe mode.
If you having problems starting your computer with Windows XP because it wont boot at all, there could be plenty of reason for that to happen.
If you want to create a Multiboot, read our tutorial ".