Taub and schilling principles of communication systems pdf

taub and schilling principles of communication systems pdf

Two-cavity klystron, Velocity modulation, reflex klystron, transmits time relationships, TWT, Magnetron types.
DB2 sever tuning, SQL server tuning, Oracle server tuning, OS tuning (Microsoft OSs) Distributed Database Management Systems Components, levels of data process distribution, transparency features, data fragmentation, data replication.
Layout Design Rule: Layer Representations, cmos n-well Rules, Design Rule of background scribe line, Layer Assignment, SOI Rule Latch up: Physical origin of Latch up, Latch up triggering, Latch prevention, Internal Latch up prevention techniques, I/O Latch up Prevention Switching Characteristics: analytic delay models, empirical.
Kapur, Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics, Sultan Chand Sons.Configuration Management: Maintaining Product Integrity, Change Management, Version Control, Metrics, Configuration Management Planning.Digital Switching Systems, Syed R Ali, 4th reprint, 2003,Tata Mc Graw-Hill. .Paper L T/P Credits Theory Papers (Core) IT 401 Digital Signal Processing 3 1 4 IT 403 trade gothic lh extended font Embedded System Design 3 1 4 Electives (Select any Two) IT 405 Soft Computing 3 1 4 IT 407 Mobile Computing 3 1 4 IT 409 Reliability Engineering.Refence Books : Senior., optical fiber communications, principles practice, PHI.Trajectory Generation: Introduction, general considerations in path description and generation, joint space schemes, Cartesian space schemes, Path generation in runtime, Planning path using dynamic model.Standard representation of Logical functions, K-map representation and simplification of logical pacific rim jaeger combat simulator game functions, Dont care conditions, X-OR X-NOR simplification of K-maps.Internetworking Technologies handbook, 2nd edition, 1999, Cisco Press. .Taub and Schiling, Principles of Communication Systems, TMH, IInd Edition.Code No : IT 203 L T Paper : Switching Theory and Logic Design 3 1 Analog Digital signals, AND, OR, NOT, nand, NOR XOR gates, Boolean algebra.Computer simulation of Brownian motion.Azimuth elevation calculations.Louise Tamres, Software Testing, Pearson Education Asia, 2002 Reference:. .Distributed Systems: Review of networks, layered protocols Physical, data link network, transport, application, Network operating system, Distributed Operating System, Resource sharing, Message passing, example system, Synchronization aspects, clocks, algorithms, Mutual exclusion, coroutines, CSP, DP, Deadlocks, Distributed deadlock detection, Modelling Petri Nets.The total number of credits of the Programme up.Tech.