The case for faith pdf

the case for faith pdf

As natural beings in a natural universe, we don't exactly know what a "supernatural factor".
Is God content to simply use lost people during their earthly lives and then throw them away after death?True believers have their doubts, virtual keyboard fn key and doubts are only natural.After all, if God really has defined a universal concept of "good" and "evil He hasn't done a good job of communicating it.What happened to ruin the Garden of Eden's vegetarian paradise?First, it would have no need for claws or fangs.Sessions include: The Challenge of Faith, dealing with Doubt, evil and Suffering, Part.Ironically, despite this position, few Christians would concede that God might decide to make yet another testament superceding the New Testament.The justifiability of sending people to Hell concerned Strobel so much that he offered a separate set of subobjections to the doctrine.And during this quest, at times beliefs that were held as unquestionable by the majority have been proven false.But why would God punish or corrupt every form of life on Earth because man erred?Where there's no absolute moral standard, raw power often wins" (p.