Thief deadly shadows save game

thief deadly shadows save game

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It is version.1.Reply With" 9th Jun 2009 17:53 #29, try to delete the saveindex pdf preview for mac and start the game.The time now is 04:47.Was gonna pm TR but looks like he/she hasn't been active in a whiles.Reply With" 10th Jun 2009 01:58 #32, cutscene just incase anyone wants to catch the cutscene that they they might have missed after the cradle.I'd just liek to know why the folder wasnt there and where teh hell MY save games were before i deleted them.Reply With" 14th Oct 2010 06:06 #33 Same as TR_Wolf and savagepoetry I've read and tried all of the above - still doesn't work.Plate Cutting Machines Reply With" 10th Jan 2012 01:05 #40 Is there any way to get the savefiles without having to use WinRar?Thief: Deadly Shadows General Discussions Topic Details, can't find save game location for save game files.To load sims 3 generations patch the Post Cradle save you need to load the save several saves below the top pc games action adventure will be called: Fort Ironwood 07/26/04 00:35:50, you will find yourself in first person view, hiding up against the wall.You can delete it at any time and the game will scan the saves folder again and create the file from scratch.Reply With" 10th Jan 2012 05:37 #41 A zip file: m/?t0uflan5z91jna4 Isn't there free decompression software that includes the *.rar format?When i open thief i still have no option to click load game, ive tried everything i know, but apparently im missing something.Just search for it on the web or goto m Reply With" « Previous Thread Next Thread » Posting Permissions You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts Forum Rules.Reply With" 9th Aug 2011 23:15 #37 The instructions are for Windows.Reply With" 10th Aug 2011 05:36 #38 A FAQ entry about Thief-3 saves:.46#t3savegames Once I stumbled upon a setup on Vista where the registry entry points to C:UsersUsername, but the files are actually in C:UsersPublic and it still works.
Everyone else seems to have worked it out, so I have to be doing something wrong.