To aru kagaku no railgun s episode 19

to aru kagaku no railgun s episode 19

As Mikoto infiltrates one of these facilities, she finds herself against one of its members, Frenda Seivelun, who causes trouble for her using flammable tape and stuffed dolls containing bombs.
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Kuroko warns Mikoto not to do anything drastic like track down the culprit herself, but after Kazari leaves her Judgment armband behind, Mikoto uses the chance of being mistaken for a member of Judgment by Konori to show Kuroko that she too has what.Both of them do a clandestine background check on Erii and learn that, despite being a Level-2 telepathic esper, she can exhibit Level-4 looney tunes back in action game ps2 powers under certain catalysts.After having a nabe party with everyone, Kuroko is relieved to see Mikoto back to her usual self.However, he also reveals to Mikoto that Febri only has enough lollipops to stay alive for another 72 hours.Misaka 9982 jokingly plays a Kan on Mikoto.Kiyama explains how the creature, called AIM Burst, is the result of the 10,000 Level Upper users' AIM fields and their negative thoughts.Back at the other facility, a weakened Mikoto is forced to use her ability to deflect Shizuri's Meltdowner attack, making her realize who the intruder's identity.Although Therestina's mech is unaffected by Mikoto's basic attacks, Kuroko helps Mikoto destroy the mech by using its own arm as an improvised railgun.She also reveals Febri gained her knowledge via Testament, leading Mikoto to believe Shinobu is involved.With Mikoto now involved, the man and his colleagues decide to include her in their experiments.Having been fired from her teaching job, supposedly due to not being able to produce any Level 5 espers, Asako blamed Tokiwadai and used a device to produce special electromagnetic waves and cause discomfort in electromasters.Upon learning of the situation from Aiho Yomikawa and Tsuzuri Tess, Mikoto heads to the rooftop to try and prevent the culprits escaping via helicopter.12 (36) "Tree Diagram" "Tsur Daiaguramu" June 28, 2013 Mikoto resolves to hack into and destroy the Tree Diagram, the supercomputer responsible for the experiment's calculations, in the hope she may be able to stop them.He explains Gensei's conviction that an esper can become a Level 6 by taking Ability Crystals made from the essence of comatose espers who have lost control of their AIM fields.
When Mikoto receives word that the Anti-Skills will be leading a surprise crackdown against the Skill-Out gangs the next day, she confronts Konori to ask why she will not leave the past behind.