To aru majutsu index game psp

to aru majutsu index game psp

Final Chapter - After completing all five character routes, the player unlocks a final chapter.
These extra scenes are connected to the Final Chapter.Character Profiles Edit Reception Edit The game was received warmly, managing to sell 56,017 copies in its first week of release.Many of these encounters, particularly Sasha and Oriana, only serve to upset Misaka further.AI -controlled character for practice, amusement, or to advance the game's story.Awarded for using Stiyl Magnus) Dexterity - Land a counterattack.In training mode, a player is gta vice city audio editor transported to the training area stage, here, a player can train their skills on a character.Awarded for using Accelerator) Networker - Land a hit with Unison Raid (Offensive Ability 25) (Unlockable.ISOs pSP t toaru Majutsu no Index (Japan) download, love this game?In the final chapter, it is revealed that the mysterious voice is a magician from the future.He seeks to achieve this 0th Dimension by severing a 1st Dimensional line.If the player changes the date to 1 or 2 days before or ahead of the save data, Index will become suspicious but welcomes the player or bites the player.It is then revealed that Last Order was taken by Kihara Amata, who uses her to hijack the Sisters and summon Fuse Kazakiri.Survival mode is where a player is pitted to fight opponents to increase their score, the opponents get increasingly more difficult after each win.Mugino is forced to fight Fuse Kazakiri.Awarded for using Misaka Mikoto) Necessary Evil - Perform a successful Drive Crack (Offensive Ability 20) (Drive Crack drains opponent's charge bar for Overdrive, triggered through repeated assaults) (Unlockable.Awarded for using Tsuchimikado Motoharu) Merciless - Successfully strike an enemy while their down at least 3 times (Offensive Ability 25) (Unlockable.
Awarded for using Fuse Kazakiri) Slugger - Successfully cause the opponent to crash into a wall at least 2 times (Offensive Ability 25) (Unlockable.
The future magician reveals his intentions of changing the present with the player's assistance, since up until now their simultaneous actions have been in competition, resulting in any changes being offset.