Tricks of the trade macro target of target

tricks of the trade macro target of target

You can switch the item number and poison name to get the right poison on the right weapon.
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Get a head start with Addon Packs.Patch.1.0 (14-Apr-2009 Hysteria, Tricks of the Trade, Enrage, Wrecking Crew, Death Wish, Arcane Power, Owlkin Frenzy, Beast Within, and Avenging Wrath damage bonuses no longer stack together.; Will now begin following the first damaging attack.#showtooltip modifier:shift Rupture; Slice and Dice /cast modifier:shift Rupture; Slice and Dice If shift is held down, casts "Rupture otherwise, it casts "Slice and Dice".Tricks of the Trade is a core rogue ability learned at level.Patch.1.2 To prevent exploits, this ability can no longer be cast on non-player targets.Many rogues forget that this ability has only a 30-second cooldown and use it only on the initial pull of a trash mob group or boss.Sap is considered an offensive ability and will therefore activate the six-second countdown you have for aggro gain.Even if aggro is not an issue in the fight you're in, the damage boost is a nice buff for the tank (or even another party member and thus Tricks of the Trade should be applied as often as is practical in any given fight.#showtooltip /equipslot noequipped:Thrown 18 ThrownWeaponNameHere /targetnearestenemy nodead /startattack /cast equipped:Thrown Fan of Knives /equipslot equiped:Thrown 18 OtherRangedWeaponNameHere This is great if you have a ranged weapon that is better than your thrown weapon, such as a gun or bow, but you still want to use.If your focus is friendly, it will cast on your current target.It is similar to a hunter's, misdirection in which it will transfer all threat gained from the rogue's vag com 704 pl crack next attack and all the of the rogue's actions taken for 6 seconds after that attack to the party or raid member on which it is cast.
Casts "Kick" on your target.