Ubisoft game launcher assassins creed 2

ubisoft game launcher assassins creed 2

Once you start, if you notice your mouse doesn't work, I used this fix below and it worked for me: "First go into the library folder of your home user folder.
Link TO this post:.-on-Mac-Forums, that should get your mouse working.
Use your arrow keys and press down two times (Thats so you get to the third option) and hit enter.Here are the steps, using your internal keyboard (and your mouse will stop working once you're in game probably, but we'll get to that near the end).I may not be able to answer them, but I'm totally up for trying.This will unhide the library.External keyboards are apparently for losers sarcasm, because I have a nice mechanical one from Christmas).I'll explain it here so its easier.Sometimes it flickers, so I used quicktime to record my screen and went frame cd dvd burner mac by frame until I could see what I was dealing with.First, note that if you're on a laptop, only the internal keyboard seems to work.Now its asking for a login but the screen is white.Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds.You can set this to something grey's anatomy season 10 episode 13 kickass higher than the default and it'll usually fix the whole messed up half screen thing.Now you should be able to see the top option is for your resolution.Now that you can actually see your game, you're going to need to start and see if you can play.They don't offer support because our Mac's are too new.Pressing any key once you see the title screen (its obvious).Like I could see the top half of the game, but it was on the bottom of my monitor.So to start, they're pretty silly with the whole thing.Press the down arrow three times and hit enter (Thats so its on the fourth option).Second: in Library, go into the Folder "Saved Application State" and navigate to the folder called "vedState".
You can still type, and I was able to login by typing my username, hitting TAB, typing my password, and then hitting enter.
This was solved by watching people start the game on until I figured out the menu.