Updated b&s client links

updated b&s client links

It's a bit buggy, and at least on Windows, seems to disconnect every once in a while for doxillion document converter registration code no apparent reason.
Added restore button centos 7 live iso for config.
Dat being invalid for Client.
Fixed Bug: Could not show IGP estimation if GCD estimation wasn't.Fixed Bug: Fixed popup in Login form weren't proper style Fixed Bug: Password encryption weren't enough suffisticated Fixed Bug: Ok button on help window for login wasn't positioned properly Version.8.7 (testing phase) Server: Unblocked all countries that could not download BnS Buddy, online version.Exe closed Change the text when Mods folder in mod manager is empty Spinning progress bar not showing in Mod Manager while working Found an alternative method for using the mods in mod manager Mod Manager conflicting cross-threading issue fixed Version.4 Fixed Bug: Mod.Fixed Bug: Was allowing twice the same acc login at the same time.Don't make threads to advertise streams.Version, added: Start 2nd instance of game Client with multiclient.Exe You can now change the default client in settings page 2 Version.7 Removed: Integrated Updater Added: External Updater/Downloader Reworked: i handling not overwriting current settings after update Reworked: Change Text in Settings for easier understanding of wich is wich of Client/Game paths You.Ronny1982 - For bnsdat tool.Exe Added: Recursive check for Language Added: Recursive check for Client.Dat's location Version.0 Greatly optimized the code compared to BnS-Ark Added Launch!Fixed Bug: Check config.The Google Drive client for Windows and Mac.Version.8.6 Added: Auth Token Generation Fixed Bug: When path dosen't exist, delete the item (32-bit and 64-bit) Fixed Bug: (unique) Endless naming bug loop in mod manager Fixed Bug: Font Scaling issue gave wrong size of form Fixed Bug: Treeviews would give null.Dat at the Original config.For example: Act 3 Spoiler s "Iksanun is best grill becomes: Act 3 Spoiler (hover to view).Drive File Stream, which is targeted towards G Suite organizations.I'm not sure why they didn't just combine the two of them, but maybe that will happen at some point.Keep in mind that this is separate from.Exe (32bit 64Bit) Added: Option to change from 32bit to 64bit in settings Added: Saving of Client choice as default launcher Reworked: Using of path to Client.Requirements:.Net Framework.5 (not client profile metroFramework.I crashed (for the 5th time) and when I tried to login there was an update.
Updater.0, added: Toggle for auto update, reworked: fetching online build ver.