Upload multiple images php codeigniter

upload multiple images php codeigniter

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https http_hostrequest_URI L,R301 /IfModule But this seems.My controller is: function products config'upload_path' config'allowed_types' 'gifjpgpng config'max_size' 1000; config'max_width' 1024; config'max_height' 768; config data array prod_image' this- upload- data 'prod_image1' this- upload- data 'prod_image2' this- upload- data data array( 'name' 'prod_image' product_image, 'prod_image1' product_image1, 'prod_image2' product_image2, 'created_time' date Y-m-d H:i:s / insert form.'upload / also, we make sure we allow only certain type of images config'allowed_types' 'gifjpgpng / now, taking into account that there can be more than one file, for each file we will have to do the upload for (i 0; i number_of_files; i) _files'uploadedimage'name'.In the above controller I have added a function upload to loop through the file array, upload files one by one and display a success message once the process is complete.Next you need to create user interface to upload files.I decided to exit here, since this is not the object of our tutorial.If anything goes wrong at the time of uploading, then error message will be shown to the user.I have given the logic.Without this setting, you'll only be able to select single zee bangla saregamapa 2015 contestants file at a time to upload.Normal file uploading has a limitation which is you can only upload a single file/image at a time.Tinymce_471_dev/p!doctype html html head script script it( selector textarea' /script /head body ntn bearing catalogue pdf textarea Next, start).
If(this- input- post /run the validation / for now let's just verify if all went ok with the upload.
I am trying to do multiple image upload with different file input with the following code input name"attachement" type"file" input name"attachement" type"file" My codeigniter code is config array( 'upload_path' path, 'max_size', 'allowed_types' 'gifjpegjpgpng 'overwrite' true, 'remove_spaces' true images array files _files; count count filesattachName'name for.