Vampire diaries season 5 episode 22

vampire diaries season 5 episode 22

The show begins with another stab to our hearts.
Enzo appears with a new joomla hd flv player full plan, which requires a witch.Damon tells Elena the last part of the plan where someone has to trigger the explosion and that it will be him.Bonnie can't hold on for long and she falls, with Stefan catching her; and he passes through.Fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, thriller, certificate: See all certifications parents Guide: Add content advisory for parents ».She expected Bonnie to have a plan to bring him back.Liv says that it is better that one of the doppelgängers is dead so they can all live, and Elena explains that if they bring Stefan back, they will kill the travelers.Jeremy worries about what will happen to Bonnie when everything is in motion, but Bonnie reassures him that everything will be fine.Markos suspects something, so Liz stays for a drink to convince him nothing is happening.Well Elena and Caroline have decided to take matters into their own hands and they enlist the help of Liv and Luke now that they no longer need to kill a doppelganger.Tyler came to Bonnie.She points out to him about Caroline and how she feels about him, but Stefan insists they are friends.The two of them say goodbye and Grams leaves.Caroline stays with him to comfort him.Tyler's spirit appears to Bonnie and passes through her to the Other Side, not before she tells him that they can bring him back.He explains that he isn't afraid of Damon or Stefan coming to save the town, simply because they can't cross the line where the spell starts.Knowing that she has to leave so the plan can be completed, she pretends to smell gas and she leads Markos to the storage room to investigate.Edit, details, country: USA, language: English, release Date: (USA see more ».Liz and Markos walk into the Grill and hear them talking.Jeremy and Matt navigate the caves under the city, trying to find the gas line.Elena and Damon find Bonnie, who tells them to pass through her to the Other Side, find their bodies and come back as fast as they can.Damon and Elena driving his Camaro at the Grill in 5x22.