Vcsa 6.0 update 1

vcsa 6.0 update 1

The vCenter Server Appliance browser or management interface ( https: fqdn or ip address :5480 ) provides yet another method for retrieving the build info.
Earlier this month, we released vSphere.0 Update.Vcsa.x is updating directly from internet.Interesting logs: /var/log/g Update 29th January: If you update at least vcsa.0 U1 using vami (patching directly from internet or using local repository the update may hang.For more information please follow the post here.You can verify that the upgrade to vCenter Server Update 1 was successful by opening a browser and connecting to the new html5-based Appliance Management UI (Appliance MUI) at Check out Matthew Meyers post on the all new Appliance MUI, too!Im not entirely sure why this.Step 4 : Click on Install Updates and select Install all updates.Have any questions or feedback?Vcsa Authentication for Active Directory : VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance has been modified to only support AES256-CTS/AES128-CTS/RC4-hmac encryption for Kerberos authentication between vcsa and Active Directory.15:16:24,707 : Running pre-install script.Step 2 : Select Update from the Navigator menu.If not login to the vcsa console - go to Troubleshooting Mode Options - and Enable bash outlook 2003 exchange 2010 keeps asking for password Shell.15:21:04,355 : Running post-install script.As a matter of fact, for.1 U3 and later versions, you will actually be migrating the appliances configuration over to a freshly installed vCSA.0 U2 instance.I also highlighted the importance of taking backups as well as snapshots to allow for a quick revert to the original appliance in the event of a failed upgrade.Figure 7 Reboot the vCSA once the upgrade process completes And heres a video outlining the upgrade process.This is required when upgrading an appliance with restricted internet connectivity and/or when upgrading via the CD-ROM method.Run the following command.
The great thing about this is that the entire process is driven by a wizard making upgrading a pretty straight forward affair, bar any hiccups along the way of course.