Vim editor for cygwin

vim editor for cygwin

I've blogged about this, with explicit instructions and a picture: crystal reports para visual studio 2012 tutorial Cygwin setup gotchas Code and comments.
It allows me to run Python, CVS, Perl almost everything I use under Linux, under Windows.
My little script is bad in many ways, but it will work if you call vim with only a file name as an argument.You should get a nice.vimrc from somewhere and place it in your home folder for a better experience.I don't want a vim.Set meta-flag on set convert-meta off set output-meta on, they seem to clash with vim in a bad way.It would be helpful if the Cygwin installer would show the fact it intends to install only 50/2100 packages by default, or if there was a wizard with some useful premix choices (minimal, server, GUI, everything).Cygwin is a marvelous idea: run a Linux-like shell under Windows.I believe I need to install the Cygwin editors package which include the vi editor.When I try to do vi in the Bash shell, Bash tells me command not found.Meaning, to ignore the fact that I'm on Windows?First, I saw that you can install vim normally in the setup.Exe, I want a vim, which I can run by typing vim in my Cygwin shell.The keyboard support is bad.My solution does fail in some nasty ways.See super hidden files windows 8 also my post.It is much like the old Red Hat "Kitchen Sink" option with the DVD9 format.You need to run Cygwin's setup.I am glancing at it every now and then while watching the F1 race.Well, it doesnt quite work as well, but for small things, it does the job.Exe, but I realized that I wanted to install vim with Ruby support.
Currently I'm using this one.
Exe" cygpath -w 1, the trick here is that you need to convert Linux-like paths (like /tmp) into Windows path (C.