Vmware vsphere client 4.0 update 1

vmware vsphere client 4.0 update 1

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Device Compatibility for ESXi, to determine which devices are compatible with ESXi.5, use the ESXi.5 information in the, vMware Compatibility Guide.
You receive the error: Transfer failed: Invalid response code 401.Attempts to use the VMW_satp_local plug-in for shared remote SAS devices might trigger problems and failures In releases earlier than ESX.5, the SAS devices are marked as remote despite being claimed by the VMW_satp_local plug-in.When validation ends with failure on staged patches in a vCenter Server Appliance, the staged update packages are deleted To update your vCenter Server Appliance, first you must stage the available update patches before you install them to the appliance.If this occurs the Active node continues as the Active node after the reboot cycle is complete.Workaround: Include also the esx-tboot VIB as part of the vib update command.No matter what configuration you set up on this end of the connection, it is not applied on the ESXi side.This condition can corrupt memory tables and cause the ESXi host to fail and display a purple diagnostic screen.Attempts to upgrade a vCenter Server Appliance or Platform Services Controller appliance with an expired root password fail with a generic message that cites an internal error During the appliance upgrade, the installer connects to the source appliance to detect its deployment type.In vSphere.5 Update 1 the commands: Get disk location: esxcli storage core device physical get -d device UID for jbod mode disk.In case that NIC linkstate is down, the ESXi host might not have a network connection, although the other NICs linkstate is up and have a network access.Upgrade and Installation vCenter Server Services fail on startup after upgrade to vCenter Server.1.Uploading items to a library stops responding when hosts associated with the backing datastore are in maintenance mode.An ESXi host fails with a purple diagnostic screen due to incorrect adjustment of read cache" The vSAN mechanism to that controls read cache" might make incorrect adjustments that result in a host failure with purple diagnostic screen.Workaround: Do not create VM dependencies in the same tier.Select the Skip Customizations check box.Copy all the files to a new directory.to: File ovf:href"vmName-disk1.vmdk" ovf:id"file1" ovf:size./ Deploy the OVF template via the vSphere Web Client by selecting the local files including the updated OVF descriptor and merged disk.
Upgrading to vCenter Server.5 may fail at vmon-api firstboot phase because of an invalid IPv6 address in the SAN field of the SSL certificate The vCenter Server SSL certificate takes an IPv6 address in the SAN field when you install vCenter Server and enable.
In this case, the secure boot process cannot verify the signatures for the old VIB, and fails.