World of warcraft updates

world of warcraft updates

Chaos Bolt cast from the Chaos Bolt rift now deals 60 increased damage.
Druid Balance marvel comics the untold story epub The Emerald Dreamcatcher: Starsurge reduces the Astral Power cost of your Starsurges by 5 Astral Power (was 7) for 5 seconds (was 3 seconds stacking up to 2 times.
User Interface A Summon Random Favorite Battle Pet button has been added to the Pet Journal.
This can only occur once per second.4P: When you yahoo messenger for mac cast Wild Growth, you have a 100 chance to cause Ysera's Gift to heal a target 400 more frequently for 5 sec.The Tier 5 Class Hall research bonus now costs 5,000 Order Resources (was 8,000).Dev comments: Healthstones should be more useful at current endgame health amounts.Feral Ferals updates are focused on addressing two issues with the spec: reducing the dominance of complexifying talents such as Savage Roar, Jagged Wounds, and Bloodtalons, and reducing the damage gap between learning the spec and playing it perfectly. .Shaman Spiritual Recovery now additionally increases the minimum and maximum speed of Ghost Wolf by an additional.Enhancement: 2P: Rockbiter causes the target to take 10 increased Fire, Frost and Nature damage from your attacks for.5 seconds.4P: When you cast Demonic Empowerment, your Dreadstalkers will immediately use Dreadbite again at 50 increased damage.When Demon Spikes is activated and a Demon Spikes buff is already present, the values of the two buffs are now correctly averaged.There's also this survival guide with Blizzard's standard, shouty voiceover, giving you a quick view of everything available: WoW Patch.3 balance changes.3, as is the plan for major patches, isn't supposed to include a huge balance patch, but there are a few changes.Ice Lance missile speed increased.Mage Prismatic Cloak no longer causes spells to miss the Mage.You get to these through greater invasion points.Sidewinders damage increased.Tier 1 This allows you to increase the item level of your artifact weapon Tier 2 unlocks at Artifact level (not item level) 60, 63 and.Patch notes, release (US).Increases success chance of missions with Minions.Energetic Stabbing (Artifact trait) now has an increased proc chance of 50 (was 25 now refunds 2 Energy per point (was 5 and now also works with Backstab.
Thrash Energy cost reduced to 45 (was 50).